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RPG Night with Jeff Richard and Jason Durall

On October 20th, 2016, we'll host a special role-playing game event at our shop. Jeff Richard and Jason Durall, both co-creators of the new edition of the classic fantasy rpg RuneQuest, will be there and offering RuneQuest gaming sessions in English.

I had the good fortune to play RQ with Jeff as a host last month. The new edition re-marries the system with its original setting Glorantha, a bronze age fantasy world with an atmosphere that I would describe as "mythological realism" - in the sense of "this is how it must have felt to live in a world where the spirits of the land were an actuality to the people; and where a good-placed blow from a sling-stone could shatter your skull." As members of a disgruntled tribe that had been on the losing side of a grea war two generations ago, we dealt with the demands of angered spirits, set up an ambush against grave robbers from the much more civilized lunar empire and saw the unforgiving combat system of RQ at work - luckily, in our favour. Jeff did a great job at introducing us to a more ancient mindset that goes along the lines of: "If we plunder their ancestors graves, that's just the way it is; if they plunder our ancestors graves, its an abominable crime - after all, these ar OUR ancestors graves!" And everyone around the table did a great job at filling our tribe with quirky life.
So yeah, I had great fun; and it was also my introduction to one of the most venerable and unique rpg settings out there - I've been reading stuff on Glorantha for years now, but this was actually my first opportunity to be gaming there.

Jeff Richard is the co-designer of the new edition of RuneQuest (which will be published by Chaosium in 2017); he is also the co-author of HeroQuest Glorantha, a more free-form, narrative set of rules for the same gaming world, and - next to Glorantha creator Greg Stafford - the co-author of the Guide to Glorantha, a massive world description in two big, beautiful books (currently out of print, but soon to be re-published).

Jason Durall is not only one of the designer's of the new RuneQuest, but also of the newConan RPG to be published by Modiphius.

The rpg night on the 20th of October with Jeff and Jason starts at 7.30pm; you can just drop by, but it would also be great if you send an e-mail to service[at]otherland-berlin.de if you're planning to join us for an evening of Glorantha goodness!
By the way, if you want to comment on/discuss this news, we invite you over to our Blog in English!


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