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Speculative Fiction Book Club: Frederik Pohl, Gateway

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ATTENTION: Due to the Easter Holidays, the Book Club meeting this April will be on the THIRD Friday of the month! Once a month, the English speaking clientele of the Otherland Bookshop meet to discuss a selected science fiction, fantasy or horror book and enjoy snacks and drinks in our favourite bookstore ...

If you, too, enjoy reading speculative fiction and you're interested, you're more than welcome to join us! No registration required, just drop in.

Check out the Otherlander's Blog for further information, including all dates and current books as well as reviews of all the books we've read.

At our next meeting on Friday, the 21st of April, we'll talk about Frederik Pohl's science fiction classic Gateway. It happens to be one of my favourite sf novels, so I'll be delighted to re-read and discuss it. In the near future, humanity discovers a translight transportation network left by the ancient civilization of the Hechee. If you enter one of the cramped Hechee ships, you won't know where it will take you; you might make the fortune of your life, you might go mad on your voyage, or you might just die a slow, dull death. It's a gold rush in space, the big chance for everyone who has nothing left to loose ... in short, it's high-risk space exploration in capitalism! Yay!


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