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Mad Max: A Furious Prequel Comic!

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Mad Max: Fury Road Prequel

Inci hat das Prequel zu Mad Max: Fury Road gelesen

Mad Max: Fury Road war ein umwerfend überraschender (und umwerfend temporeicher) Film mit einer Reihe Twists, die nicht nur bei der Fangemeinde gut ankamen, sondern auch reichlich Diskussionsstoff zum Thema feministische SF geliefert haben. Inci fand ihn großartig und hat sich deshalb auch die Lektüre des Prequel-Comics gegönnt, den sie für uns rezensiert hat:


Full Review in English:

Great news for us Fury Road fans!
Vertigo Comics has published the prelude to one of the coolest stories in the history of science fiction, so we don’t have to ONLY watch the movie over and over and over and over - we can switch to the comic every now and then.
The prelude includes the “making of” of Nux and partially of Immortan Joe, the first meeting of Furiosa and the Wives, a synopsis of Max Rockatansky’s adventures and finally eight “short stories”, so to say, stories about and around “the fall”. Storyboard artist Mark Sexton mentions in his introduction that the preludes are actually the background stories to the plot of Fury Road that George Miller himself imagined to give the characters depth and credibility. And guess what? They are great!
What I loved most is that the authors pick up the storytelling tradition from the Tell of Captain Walker (Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome), where the lost children of Crack of the Earth tell the story of the adults who left them behind. Here though, it is the History Man who tells the children of the apocalypse tales to prevent them repeating past mistakes. I wish my history lessons were half as interesting! The History Man is a smooth link between the five different storylines.
Particularly enjoyable for me is the last chapter, “The War Rig”, where seemingly arbitrary stories from before or during the fall of earth turn out to be not so arbitrary after all.
I was actually hoping to find out more about Imperator Furiosa, this kickass, best, coolest, magnificent, best, most intelligent, oh and yes, best protagonist of all times! Is it any wonder it is a woman?
I just wish there were more Mad Max comics to come for us to read between the movies…


George Miller, Mark Sexton, Nico Lathouris, Tristan Jones, Riccardo Burchielli: Mad Max - Fury Road, Vertigo, Euro 16,00

Deutsche Ausgabe: Panini, Euro 19,99


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