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Merlin Sheldrake
Entangled Life
Random House: €19,25
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"Alles über Pilze - du erfährst Dinge von denen du vorher nicht mal ahntest, dass du sie wissen willst" [Caro]

Deep as the exploration of fungi biology in this book is, the cultural explorations are what really set it apart. I am not saying that fungi have a culture (though I dare you to absolutely refute this assertion after having read Sheldrake's book), but that the book's ramifications for our own culture are momentuous. We have all grown up with the capitalist myth of nature being red in tooth and claw, everything always fighting against everything else in a bid for supremacy. Ecological science has repeatedly proven this myth to be humbug and "Entangled Life" debunks it in multiple ways, showing us life forms whose symbiosis with others constitute the essential basis for almost all life on the planet. Additionally, Sheldrake is an enthusiastic guide to this world of webs and fruiting bodies, and this enthusiasm is both catching and inspiring. [Marc]

I just started the book but, oh oy, this is a revelation. Fungi is like the new philosophy for a global understanding and caring of life and communication. Networks. Connections. Symbiosis. There is no status quo-everything is in the moment and changes according to the moment. How it all works? We have not really a clue but Entangled Life gives us at least a glimpse into a world in our world. Sheldrake for president!
Ah, and just found out, chapter 7 starts with a quote from Ursula K. LeGuin!!!
Ah and again: I just found out the idea for the Spore-Drive and the mycilium net in the universe in Star Trek Discovery comes from one of Sheldrake's friends - Sheldrake mentions it in the book! [Wolf]

Wow I have nothing to add. Only maybe that I keep jumping to the middle of the book where there are several photos included. The pictures of fungi-infested insects there work like an accident - horrible and completely fascinating. [Caro]



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