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Joe Abercrombie
The Age of Madness
#1 Zauberklingen, Heyne: €16,99
#1 A Little Hatred, Orion: €11,55

Abercrombie goes industrial. Dragging his fantasy universe through changes that took about a thousand years in the real world over the course of a single in-world generation is no mean feat in itself. Doing so while simultaneously telling a kick-ass story that keeps you compulsively turning pages well past bed-time is an outstanding achievement. Trilogies are clearly Joe's jam, lucky for us he chose to write another one. [Marc]

One thing that stands out in Abercrombie’s work: many of his characters have the highly developed skill to ponder their lot with great self-irony. We're always a step behind ourselves and our game. Makes you laugh, makes you cry. Makes you lust for more! (Next autumn the Madness-Trilogy will find its conclusion) [Caro]




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