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Unser Antiquariat-Sortiment

No publisher can keep all of their books in print forever. Entire generations of authors eventually drop out of the public eye as their books vanish from bookstore shelves. Our second-hand section tries to counteract this inevitable entropy. Here you will find used books, mainly science fiction and fantasy, but also the occasional horror novel, or series like Conan, Battletech or Shadowrun, and we have almost an entire shelf of second-hand anthologies (collections of short stories written by different authors).

Our second-hand books are priced between 1,- Euro (usually in this case the book will be in bad shape) and 20,- Euro (pristine collector’s items). The more common price range is between 2,- and 4,- Euro. We do not have a lost or catalogue of our used books, the section is intended for foraging and discovery. We will of course happily answer questions about available books, in person, or on the phone or via email. We can reserve books that you’d like to pick up later and we’ll also ship books to you (with added shipping costs if the total value of the shipment is beneath €9,90).

We are interested in acquiring used books in the genres of science fiction, fantasy and horror, but would like to ask you to get in touch with us first, and not bring by (boxes of) books without prior discussion. We will rarely take complete collections – there are simply too many books that don’t sell well or of which we already have multiple copies. We usually pay 50 cents for “normal” paperbacks.

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