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Uhoo. We are working hard to bring you our Website in perfect english ... stay tuned

When we first opened our doors way back in 1998, our range of English books took up roughly two shelves. Now original editions of books from the United Kingdom and the Unites States take up the whole back wall of the shop and are furthermore presented on two huge »Borg units«. Naturally we cannot offer everything that is published, and we are not even sure we'd want to if we could. But our selection is far-ranging, and you will find the latest fantasy and science fiction alongside established genre classics.

Of course we are always on the lookout for the next big thing in epic fantasy or space opera, but we make sure to stock writers that break genre boundries as well. Some of us are very fond of novellas and short stories, so you'll find all the latest »Best of«-anthologies and collections by the hottest writers around.

A word on our prices for English language books: We order through German wholesalers and via the biggest US-wholesaler around. Yet we cannot always match prices with our competition on the internet − we do have to pay rent, and we are not prepared to tell our employees that they have to work for minimum wages because our customers want to pay 50 cents less. We think both our employees and our customers deserve better.

If you are looking for a certain book you cannot find on our shelves, please tell us - or contact us if you want to ask if we have a title in stock before coming by. We order directly in the US every Saturday, and we will try this and other options to get what you want. All of us working here read English books and speak the language (well, more or less, depending on form and time of day).


In the long run, we are working on presenting the whole content of our page in English. Currently, there are only a few articles on our website in English (scroll down to skip the German abstracts).


Review of Brian Catling's The Vorrh.


Review of Ann Leckie's Ancillary Sword/Ancillary Mercy.

Über Otherland

Das Otherland ist nicht nur eine Buchhandlung, sondern auch die Verwirklichung eines Traums, denn: Wir lieben Bücher. Wir haben eine Schwäche für phantastische Literatur in all ihren Spielarten. Wir schwärmen leidenschaftlich von den Autoren, die wir schätzen. Und wir möchten unsere Leidenschaft an unsere Kunden weitergeben.

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