Berlin's Location for Science Fiction & Fantasy

Welcome to the website of Germany's number one Science Fiction and Fantasy bookshop! Located in the heart of Kreuzberg directly across from the main entrance of the newly opened Marheinekehalle, this is the place to go if you are interested in Dan Simmons or George RR Marin, Neuromancer or The Lord of the Rings.

We carry ninety-nine percent of all science fiction, fantasy and horror published in German, a wide range of novels associated with movies, TV series and games, and a whole wall of English language SF and fantasy. Whether you are looking for the hottest new writers or for established genre classics, chances are good we have it. And apart from receiving new books daily from our German wholesalers, we order directly in the US once a week.

As fans and avid readers of SF and fantasy ourselves, we love to talk with you about your wishes (in English and German) or we can just leave you alone to browse for an hour or three. Whether you are an English reading resident of our fair city or here on business or holidays, make sure to stop by one of the main attractions of beautiful Bergmannstrasse!